Fire & Ice (Episode – 1)

Sharad Khanna (angry young man) and Disha Gupta (ultimate cool girl) hate each other. But they do not have an option when it comes to working as a pair for the inter college dance competition. They want different partners but the college authorities disapprove.

Sharad : Stand upright. How many times do I have to tell you ?

Disha : I’m doing exactly what I should do. Do not lecture me okay ?

Sharad : You are impossible.

Disha : So are you.

Sharad : Rashmi was better coz she won’t argue like you do.

Disha : Excuse me ! You are the one who loves arguing not me. And by the way , that Rashmi is a bimbo who only speaks crap and does nothing which is why she wasn’t selected.

Sharad : Mind your language. She is my girlfriend.

Disha : No I won’t. She is a piece of shit coz she spilt ink on my project last month.

Sharad : Enough. I give up. I don’t give a damn about the competition. I want Rashmi as my partner or else I won’t participate.

Disha : Good for you. Even I’m done with this shit.

They part ways from outside the rehearsal hall.

To be continued …