Fire & Ice (Episode – 1)

Sharad Khanna (angry young man) and Disha Gupta (ultimate cool girl) hate each other. But they do not have an option when it comes to working as a pair for the inter college dance competition. They want different partners but the college authorities disapprove.

Sharad : Stand upright. How many times do I have to tell you ?

Disha : I’m doing exactly what I should do. Do not lecture me okay ?

Sharad : You are impossible.

Disha : So are you.

Sharad : Rashmi was better coz she won’t argue like you do.

Disha : Excuse me ! You are the one who loves arguing not me. And by the way , that Rashmi is a bimbo who only speaks crap and does nothing which is why she wasn’t selected.

Sharad : Mind your language. She is my girlfriend.

Disha : No I won’t. She is a piece of shit coz she spilt ink on my project last month.

Sharad : Enough. I give up. I don’t give a damn about the competition. I want Rashmi as my partner or else I won’t participate.

Disha : Good for you. Even I’m done with this shit.

They part ways from outside the rehearsal hall.

To be continued …

Blew me away

Thy solid body was a place to seek refuge.

I fell in love with a heart that was huge.

That sacred moment when we both kissed.

Incredible forever it won’t ever be missed.

My only desire is to see thee every day.

Amazing ! how thy aura blew me away.

Story – 1

Daksh Khanna was the quintessential good boy of Lonavala High and every chick adored him. But he only loved his studies more than anything else. Muktee Gupta was the class topper every year and also a winner of eight gold medals in swimming. She was always dressed in fancy clothes like a celebrity and craved everyone’s attention. On the other hand Yamini Verma was a plain Jane without makeup and always messed up.

During project allotment , Daksh & Yamini were paired together and their topic was to explain “the law of attraction.” Both had similar tastes in terms of books , movies and music. So it wasn’t difficult for both to work together for a project.

Whilst they were engrossed in preparation , Muktee grew jealous. She tried her level best to trap Yamini so that she could replace her just to be with Daksh. But fate wanted him and Yamini united so all the evil tricks of Muktee failed miserably.

The best project award went to Daksh & Yamini and the whole school was proud. After a couple of days they realized that during the process of working together both of them actually fell for each other. On a warm Sunday afternoon in May , Daksh stood in the backyard of Yamini’s house with a thing wrapped in white paper. Yamini came running down silently and told him to go away. But he didn’t. He removed the paper and the thing turned out to be a bouquet filled with red roses. Daksh fell to his knees and confessed his love for Yamini. She started crying like a baby and embraced him saying that she too loved him.

Resting in Love

Although I was caught up in my job you never hated me for doing so.

When I worked in the kitchen you came like a whirlwind to hold me.

After we finished drinking coffee you insisted me to play games.

I tried to tickle every part of your body as you kept giggling loudly.

The night rose to its peak whilst you sang a soothing lullaby for me.

All my exhaustion finally died in your arms as I was resting in love.

Rainy Kiss

They stepped out of their respective homes to feel the water drops.

Dancing like a pro is what they did for as long as the thunder lasted.

Wetness engulfed their bodies so impeccably that skin was visible.

Holding each other with warmth the couple relished the rainy kiss.

State of delight

From behind he came to stun me

like a cute puppy sans might.

The sun began to bid goodbye as it

paved way for another night.

We held each other like newbies

who were not able to fight.

Wind passed through swiftly as we

giggled in a state of delight.