Cousins At War #Chapter 1

Rosa Banks and Nora Banks lived together in a palatial building of their ancestors in Beaufort , South Carolina. They hated each other ever since their respective fathers who were brothers died without naming the heir of their property. Rosa was tall , lean and attractive, aged 24 and Nora was short , fat and cute, aged 20. After Rosa got married to Andrew Phillips he took over the responsibility of both her as well as her cousin. Nora always had a hatred towards Rosa for being dominating and ruthless. However, it was Andrew’s kind behavior that often softened her as a person. She secretly crushed upon her brother-in-law who had the most charming eyes and a killer smile with dimples on both his cheeks. Andrew and Rosa had an arranged marriage which kinda led to speculations of trouble in the paradise quite frequently in the neighborhood. They had arguments on a regular basis for petty things which irked their maids and especially Nora. But Andrew wasn’t like other men who treated women like crap. He deeply respected the opposite sex as he was well raised by his mother who left him for heaven when he was 17. Rosa was a selfish woman who only wanted money and power. She seldom valued relationships and always wanted to acquire everything that she laid her eyes upon. Andrew’s father couldn’t read into the evil eyes of Rosa or else he would never have fixed his son’s alliance with Rosa.